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Calling all mind-body-spirit wellness professionals ~ now is your time. The world needs you. If you’re eager to catalyze your business for growth, this course is for you. In seven weeks you’ll gain the know-how to set your results-oriented strategy in motion. Each live Zoom session features a learning component with theory and best practices and interactive exercises and discussion. Assignments between sessions mean you to get real work done to strengthen your brand, digital footprint, audience outreach and engagement. By the end of the course, you will have gained clarity on the running of your business, elevated your own confidence, amped up your visibility, and be on track to take your business to the next level.
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Position yourself with authenticity to gain greater impact for clients and your business
participants rated course

Scroll down to see direct quotes from wellness professionals who participated in our Summer 2020 course.

Since 2012, participants in the course have raved about how it helped them turn their vision, mission and values into an actionable plan with measurable results based on their precious resources of time, money and energy. Below you’ll find:
~ who this course serves
~ curriculum
~ benefits
~ course information, format and pricing
~ what participants say
~ about the instructor, Liza Horan

Who this course serves

Ambitious professionals who work in mind-body-spirit disciplines: complementary, alternative and natural health therapies; personal development and life coaching; and spiritual growth and healing practices.

This course is right for you if you:

  • Love what you do and want to have greater positive impact
  • Strive to distinguish your brand from competitors by positioning yourself uniquely
  • Wish to connect with your ideal clients who may not know about you yet
  • Need a clear strategy that makes the most of your resources (time, money, energy)
  • Are ready to take your business to the next level by actively participating in this course

And you may have experienced:

  • overwhelm with all the potential directions your business could take, wondering which is the right option at what point
  • confusion with all the marketing hype being promoted with webinars and how-to articles
  • frustration that the time you spend on social media and other promotions aren’t getting results

Previously known as Social Media Boot Camp, this course has been renamed to reflect the holistic approach to achieving your business objectives. Social media is a power tool in your tool shed, but you can’t build a house with it alone and without a blueprint.


This seven-session course provides you with the know-how and tools to set your results-oriented business strategy in motion. Each session features a learning component with theory and best practices, exercises to accomplish key steps in crafting strategy and executing tactics, and discussion of your situation. Assignments between each session enable you to make significant progress to strengthen your business identity, digital footprint, audience outreach and engagement.


By the end of the course, you will have gained clarity on the running of your business, elevated your own confidence, and taken your business to the next level through:

  • a solid research-backed plan to grow your business
  • a clear definitive brand identity and story
  • a discipline to track your progress
  • a foundation to position yourself as a thought leader
  • a method to manage social media in <30 minutes a day
  • increased visibility through a six-month Marketplace listing and “Find a Pro” Directory profile on

Course Information

Format: Seven weekly live video meetings on Zoom plus homework assignments. Private sessions run 60 minutes; Semi-Privates run 75 minutes; and Group sessions may 90+ minutes, depending on the number of participants. Homework generally takes one hour.

Personalised Coaching: All participants get tailored coaching within the format chosen. Group participants get one additional hour of private time with the instructor; that hour can be split into two 30-minute catch-ups for use during the course or within 90 days after it ends.

Equipment: Participants must have a laptop or desktop computer to use during the class; a mobile phone or tablet does not offer the same functionality or viewing experience. All Zoom sessions are recorded in case anyone misses one and needs to catch the replay.

Readiness: Participants must be established as professionals (earning money for their products and/or services), have a website and be active on social media. Today’s mass medium is the Internet, and Google is the gatekeeper. This course is not right for someone who is not using digital means to connect with their target audience. This course teaches a holistic approach of online and offline methods.

Timing: The Group course runs once a quarter. Privates and Semi-Privates are available to start at any time. When booking the course, please select which format you prefer and the ideal timing. We will follow up with you to confirm a suitable start date and weekly schedule.

Investment: Course pricing begins at £999 per person for the Group format (3-6 participants). Semi-Private format is £1,850 each for two people. Private one-on-one course is £3,900.

What participants say…

participants rated course
Feedback from our Summer 2020 course:
“It really brings to the forefront the gaps in your marketing and business strategy, without making you feel as if you have failed and allows you to clarify where you want to be.”

“I found the course FULL of highly-valuable information – especially when it comes to tips and tricks for using social media in a highly productive way. It will change the way you think about how powerful social media can be when used properly.”

“I have learned a foundation for finding my lane, getting in my lane, and helping others find my lane.”

Meet your instructor, Liza Horan

Liza Horan, consultant and coach to mind-body-spirit wellness practitioners, associations and businesses.

“My mission is to help people connect mind, body and spirit through authentic experiences. This course is all about amplifying the important work of professionals who deliver those experiences. Let’s revisit your mission, learn proven business strategy skills, and invigorate your business!” -Liza Horan | Coach, Consultant and Founder of Mindstream

“Loving the work you do is important and gratifying, but business can’t grow on passion alone — it requires strategy and savvy. I can help you replace overwhelm, angst and frustration with clarity, confidence, purpose, and renewed energy through this Business Strategy Course.” -Liza Horan

This course draws on Liza Horan’s 30-year career in media and strategic communications. Her print journalism career turned digital in 1995 when she brought Tennis Magazine online for The New York Times Company, and led both the editorial and business sides of the venture to make the No. 1 global website for the sport. Since then her employers and clients include ReutersAmerican ExpressClub MedESPNInformaBritish Standards Institution, and The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, plus C-level leaders from public companies, wellness entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. Liza, a full member of The Guild of Health Writers and vice-chair of Friends of the Centre for Integrative Care, earned her master’s degree in strategic communications from Columbia University in the City of New York, and her B.A. in sociology with journalism from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Maryland. She is an American living in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the editor of For more details on her experience, view her MuckRack profile, her consulting website (, and her LinkedIn profile. She tweets at @LizaHoran.

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Private one-on-one £3,900, Semi-Private for two people, £1,850 per person, Group of 3-6 people, £999 per person


To be determined, June 2022, September 2022, November 2022, January 2023


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