Liza Horan, Founder & Editor of Mindstream

Thank you for visiting MindstreamConnect. This is an editorial website covering the mind-body-spirit disciplines within wellness. It’s a small seed to a big vision to make complementary, alternative and natural health solutions accessible for all. We’ll do this through independent information that educates the public, the professionals and society at large about the disciplines, therapies and practices within this sector, and also news, trends and research.

Society has shifted from reacting to disease to being proactive about health. Surprised? The wellness industry, at $4.2 trillion and growing, is three times the size of the pharmaceutical industry, according to the Global Wellness Institute. And it’s growing at a rate of almost double the global economy. (Learn more in the Youtube video below.)

And more and more, “health” means holistic wellness: People are seeking a level of contentment that material things just can’t deliver. They are turning within and turning to each other for authentic connection.

It’s a magical time! And Mindstream will be here to chart this exciting mind-body-spirit movement and, ideally, catalyze its adoption to the mainstream.

MindstreamConnect is part of Mindstream Ventures Ltd., a company that’s dedicated to providing independent information to the public and the industry surrounding mind-body-spirit wellness. We’ll do this by understanding the needs of the professionals and those whom they serve. Credibility, trust and authenticity are core to this effort. It’s the only way.

This project fuses my personal interest and my professional experience. As editor of MindstreamConnect and Founder of Mindstream Ventures, I bring 30+ years of experience across journalism, media, health and wellness, and digital business strategy. I’ve always been a deep-thinker about big questions, enthralled with both science and spirituality.

The house where I lived for my first four years was active with Native American Indian spirits, as it was built on their burial ground. While I don’t remember talking and singing with them, my grandmother, Mary, witnessed it all. My mother experienced plenty there, too. It’s no wonder she used to do seances at my sleepover parties growing up. How I wish I learned to read the tea leaves like my grandmother, or the cards like my mother, or trust my intuition and ESP like my father (who didn’t believe in any spirits!). I’m working on it!

More of my story later, perhaps.

What I do know for sure is that there is an awakening going on here. Right here. And where you are. And beyond.

We are starting to understand more about ourselves and each other, plus our individual and collective purposes.

I don’t have the answers, but I do believe ancient knowledge, scientific intelligence, and our own empirical experience is leading us there. Mindstream will collect and share these aspects and your stories.

Please come along this journey with me. The Mindstream community is just getting started here, and on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We’ll meet in person, too.

Thank you for being here.

Liza Horan

Steven Haggerty of Founders365 interviewed Mindstream founder Liza Horan on March 30, 2020. She overviews the mind-body-spirit movement, the state of the global wellness industry, and


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