Mindstream is on a mission to connect people with authentic mind-body-spirit experiences toward greater health and happiness. We’ve got some opportunities for you ~ whether you’re an enthusiast or you work in the industry.


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Join us for the free monthly Wellness Moonshot “Full Moon Celebration.” This informative, inspiring, interactive and fun one-hour Zoom gathering is hosted by the Global Wellness Institute in support of their campaign for a world free of preventable disease. Each month’s Wellness Moonshot theme is marked with evidence of its holistic benefits and tips to implement this in your own life. Perfect for wellness enthusiasts and professional practitioners.
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If we are present and open to the experience of life, we get wiser with each passing day, week and year. We’re all students and we’re all teachers. Share your first-hand experience, observations or questions through an essay. It could be about an everyday experience or a once-in-a-life hardship that led to an awakening; or someone who touched your life; or a mind-body-spirit healing therapy that helps you on the way to greater health and happiness. Whatever moves you.
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The Mindstream Podcast hosted by Liza HoranSupport the podcast

Help us spread the word on the power of mind-body-spirit alignment and holistic pathways for greater health and happiness by reviewing The Mindstream Podcast on Podchaser. The more ratings and reviews we have, the higher the chance of seekers, healers and the curious finding our show. So far: Six 5-star reviews! Thank you ~
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Show your appreciation for The Mindstream Podcast by treating host Liza Horan to a latte or lunch, or contributing a financial donation of your choice. The caffeine and healthy meal will keep her powered through the creative and technical processes, and a donation will be used toward production costs. You’ll get a shout-out on the next episode!
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FOR INDUSTRY INSIDERSMindstream industry insiders are holistic practitioners and wellness professionals. Check out our OPPORTUNITIES for you. Photos by Pexels.

If you’re a practitioner, organisation or business that works in complementary and alternative medicine, natural health and healing, spiritual growth practices or personal development, we’ve got methods to help you position yourself to connect with your ideal clients and grow your business. Authenticity, trust and integrity are our values, and we want to enable you to capitalise on your assets to serve.

Gain visibility for your wellness products and services

You’re passionate about your work and want to be of service. Raise your profile so those who need your products and services can find them.

Advertise on The Mindstream PodcastAdvertise on The Mindstream Podcast. Your audio message of up to 30 seconds will be heard on the episode(s) you choose, and your logo, message and link will appear in the transcript — forever. Just choose you preferred month and position within the episode, then let us know if you’d like the message read by Host Liza Horan or if you’d like to record it yourself. Learn why podcasting is the best advertising medium via Business.com.
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Level-up your business acumen to get results

You’re ready to take things to the next level and you want to be strategic about it — and spend your precious resources (time, money, energy) deliberately and smartly for results.

Free consultation on your digital presence by MindstreamFree 20-minute consultation. Today the mass medium is the Internet and the struggle is rising above the “noise.” It can feel overwhelming and unsatisfying. Get a quick assessment with actionable tips in a complementary consultation with Mindstream editor Liza Horan, who brings 30 years of strategic communications and digital strategy leadership and coaching to the conversation. You’ll get insight on your digital presence and pointers on your branding and message. This is not a sales call — it’s genuine expert opinion for your benefit.
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Book a Strategy Power Hour with MindstreamStrategy Power Hour. Feel your business needs a strategy check but not ready to make a large time or money commitment? In one hour, we’ll delve into your business mission and objectives to assess where you are and how to get where you’d like to be. This consultation with Liza Horan is a three-part process to give you the information, perspective and roadmap to focus your efforts for real results. You’ll emerge energised and inspired — with an action plan!
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Take your wellness business to the next level with Mindstream's Business strategy courseBusiness Strategy Course. SHINE YOUR LIGHT is a 5-star rated live online course for ambitious professionals who work in mind-body-spirit disciplines: complementary, alternative and natural health therapies; personal development and life coaching; and spiritual growth and healing practices. The weekly deep-dive course over Zoom takes you through Liza Horan’s exclusive and proven four-step method to developing a strategy that empowers you to achieve your mission and and grow your business.erings
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Meet Liza Horan, coach & consultant

Mindstream editor Liza Horan’s 30-year career in journalism, digital media and business strategy combine with her passion for helping you “shine your light.” See LizaHoran.com for a full picture of her experience.

“Whether you are a self-employed professional, a career-transitioner or company leader, I can help you communicate authentically to raise your visibility and engage your audience so you feel energized and confident that you are working in alignment and fulfilling your mission.”

Feel free to contact Liza to learn more or get a free consultation.

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