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Coming Soon: Episode 9 will feature an interview with Joanne Gerber, one of the world’s most highly credentialed psychic mediums, and a Spiritualist minister.

The Mindstream Podcast is hosted by Editor Liza Horan. Tune in to understand trends in the global wellness industry; hear industry experts share knowledge; learn the evidence supporting mind-body-spirit disciplines; listen to the real experiences of consumers and professionals; deep-dive into issues challenging our wellbeing today; and discover the therapies and practices best suited for you. LISTEN on Spotify, Apple, Google, YouTube, Podchaser, Podbean, CastboxTuneIn, DigitalPodcast, & more

NEW   Episode 8: The shift to mental wellbeing

The conversation around “mental health” is shifting from a focus on disease and dysfunction to holistic wellbeing. This movement is a bottom-up and top-down approach across several aspects of society, from a grassroots movement powered by the people to paradigm pivots in medicine and government. And it couldn’t be better timed because we are now living the “global mental health crisis” warned by the World Health Organization in 2020. But there’s reason for hope: In this episode, we cover where “mental health” is today, demystify the language around the intellectual and emotional self, discuss the mind-body-spirit connection, and delve into the Global Wellness Industry’s landmark report, “Defining the Mental Wellness Economy.” Katherine Johnston, co-author of the report, explains the growing $121 billion market and much more. 
***This episode is the heart of a special editorial package, Mental Wellbeing 2021, which offers articles that delve into aspects covered in this episode.

Published 20 September 2021 | View transcript | View the Mental Wellbeing content package
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Episode 7: Awakening to conscience & conscious living
2020 has taken us for a wild ride. The pandemic caused suffering on many levels and confronted us with forces for change. Host Liza Horan opens this episode with an editorial that highlights the factors and challenges facing us individually and collectively: We have an opportunity for change. What will we do with it? The “good news” segment shares research that offers practical tips on improving resilience, reducing stress and chronic pain, and lifting our mood. Claire Gillman, editor of Kindred Spirit magazine and author of “The Healing Therapies Bible” among many others, shares her insights on the integration of health and fitness with the mind-body-spirit movement over the past 30 years. She also spills secrets of successfully publishing your own story of transformation to help others.

Published 24 November 2020 | Transcript coming soon

Episode 6: Delving into the mystical surrounding Halloween
Witches, The Devil, Tarot cards, and ancient Celtic practices remain relevant
Halloween season is the one time of year mainstream society opens to the mystical and magical. After all, the ancient Celts believe this is when the veil between the earthly realm and the spirit world is thinnest. This episode features news of these mysterious aspects in modern life, and focuses on artist Sophie McKay Knight’s experience painting the Tarot card deck, and Beltane Fire Society’s Bradley McArthur’s insights on the relevance of ancient Celtic festivals, like Samhain (Samhuinn) and Beltane. Through these interviews by editor Liza Horan, we’ll hear why these topics remain relevant to the culture of Scotland.

Published 2 November 2020 | View Transcript

Episode 5: The quest (and challenge) of psi research
This episodes kicks off with a round-up of the latest mind-body-spirit news — from plant-based medicines and virtual reality curbing pain to the Global Wellness Summit’s trends for 2020 and beyond — and continues with a conversation between Mindstream editor Liza Horan and Dr. Caroline Watt, who heads parapsychology research at the University of Edinburgh. Listeners will learn how psi overlaps with psychology and physics, the challenges of testing for mental phenomena, psychic tradition in Scotland, and how to join the research panel, and much more.

Published 9 March 2020 | View Transcript

Episode 4: On the scene with UK mind-body-spirit wellness leaders
Learn what’s happening in Edinburgh, across Scotland, and in the UK in wellness news and trends from those leading the charge. editor Liza Horan interviews mind-body-spirit leaders Katy Lomas Olusanya of Calm on Canning Street yoga in Edinburgh, Angela Robertson of the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival, Adrian Boiteux of Holistic Ways Festival, Lynda Hamilton-Parker of Holistic Scotland Magazine, and Lauren Armes of Welltodo Global in this in-depth episode uncovering hyper-local to global trends. Topics include CBD, yoga, crystals, meditation, personalised nutrition, and living a conscious lifestyle. Guests also share their favourite practices for (trying to maintain) a holistic lifestyle. Upcoming wellness events in the UK and US are previewed.

Published 27 December 2019 | Recorded throughout 2019 | View Transcript

Episode 3 (Two Parts): Valuing professional work that springs from natural gifts
Self-employed professionals whose work is creatively and intuitively led are in a unique position when valuing their non-commodity work. Is it right to charge for something that springs from a natural gift? Editor Liza Horan explores this topic by sharing research on this special workforce and leading a panel discussion that Mindstream hosted for National Freelancers Day 2019.

Published 31 July 2019 | Recorded Summer 2019 | View Transcript

Part I focuses on national trends on independent professionals’ money mindset and the joys and challenges of the self-employed workers in complementary, alternative, and natural health, and spiritual growth disciplines; and the panel participants discuss their own journeys from employee to self-employed, sharing anecdotes and learnings.

Recorded Summer 2019 | View Transcript

Part II delves into insights on money mindset by the attendees of the National Freelancers Day event, while the panel discusses how to set boundaries, when to work for free (or not), and steps to self-belief.

• SlideShare: View the presentation that accompanied the panel discussion event. 
• Blog: 
Top 10 “money mindset” insights from creative and intuitive professionals
Photo Gallery of the event.

Episode 2: Meditation with Andrew Johnson
Wherever you may be on the meditation continuum, from newbie to veteran, Episode 2 of The Mindstream Podcast will provide actionable insight. We take a deep-dive into meditation with Andrew Johnson, a clinical hypnotherapist who has been practicing meditation for 25 years professionally and 40 years personally. He was a forerunner to Calm and Headspace, as his meditation app launched with the Apple iOS Store years ago. His MP3s and apps have been downloaded more than 11 million times, and he shares the what, how and why of this transformative practice that increases quality of life. Listeners will:

  • Glimpse the history of this ancient practice
  • Discover how Western medicine opened to meditation as therapy
  • Sample scientific evidence that proves the benefits to a range of conditions
  • Tap into your full scope of resources — and a bit of ridiculousness — for insight and direction
  • Understand how start or deepen your meditation practice by stripping it back to the foundation for meaningful results

Recorded Spring 2019 | Transcript

Episode 1: Is mind-body-spirit wellness “woo-woo”?
In our first episode, we’re starting the conversation on mind-body-spirit by seeking to define what it means and what’s happening in the world today. We look at trends in health and wellness and list the disciplines that we think fall into mind-body-spirit. We also sharing original research by And we’re focusing on the credibility issue.

Published January 31, 2019 | Read Transcript

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