Mindstream is excited to join The Global Wellness Industry’s campaign to reduce the number of deaths (69%) resulting from preventable disease. We firmly believe that the holistic approach of mind-body-spirit disciplines can improve health and happiness for us individually and collectively. We’re committed to helping educate the public and support practitioners across complementary and alternative therapies, natural health, and spiritual growth practices. That’s why the Wellness Moonshot resonates with us.

Along with the Global Wellness Institute, Prevention magazine and other worldwide partners and individual wellness enthusiasts, Mindstream will focus on each monthly theme. For us, that means exploring the topic through an essay and featuring your reflections and tips to draw each theme into healthy, life-affirming thoughts, words and actions.

Each of us has a role to play. Join this global movement by:
signing up to get notified of the monthly one-hour Zoom call hosted by the Global Wellness Institute. It’s always informative, refreshing and interactive.
exploring this month’s theme (below), as well as past themes, to see how you can incorporate them into your everyday life and work.
sharing your reflections on this month’s theme by submitting them via the form below. And share thoughts on previous themes simply by commenting below articles.

Catch up on previous months’ themes


Opportunity: RSVP for the Wellness Moonshot Celebration call via Zoom on Thursday, 29 April at 3 p.m. GMT/10 a.m. ET It’s an interactive, informative, inspiring experience that includes networking with like-minded people. And it’s free for all to attend, hosted by the Global Wellness Institute.

How has HOPE made a difference in your wellness? Is it a mindset, a feeling, a way of being? What are the external ways HOPE plays out in your life? Whether it’s an attitude or an action that’s already part of your habit, or one you’d like to adopt, please share it here.

How has HOPE made a difference in your wellness? Share your reflections ~



Wellness Moonshot for 2021 by the Global Wellness Institute

Image courtesy Global Wellness Institute.


Learn more about The Wellness Moonshot on GlobalWellnessInstitute.com.

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