Mental Wellbeing’s time has come. The pandemic was the final push from the dark corners into the light of everyday conversation and political policy-making. While “mental health” has come to carry a sense of stigma to the point of deterring people from seeking support, “mental wellbeing” is the emerging term and positive framing that changemakers are adopting for a most important part of the human experience. It’s vital for us as  individuals, communities and society-at-large, so Mindstream has devoted a package to cover this dynamic topic.

Together these editorial components deliver a view on all aspects of mental health and wellness.
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 Read the transcript The Mindstream Podcast, Episode 8: The Shift to Mental Wellbeing
Host Liza Horan top-lines the major aspects of mental wellbeing on the personal, community and societal levels, shares how mind-body-spirit practices support mental health issues, and interviews Global Wellness Institute researcher Katherine Johnston on the landmark report, “Defining the Mental Wellness Economy.”
A range of thoughts and feelings is part of the human experience. Mental Wellness package by Mindstream. Mental Wellbeing: Demystifying the language of our intellectual and emotional selves
“Mental wellbeing” is overtaking the term “mental health” to describe the state of the thoughts and feelings in our minds. It’s a positive step forward, because words are powerful. Here’s a glossary of key terms.
global mental health crisis Mental Wellbeing: The state of the world’s thoughts and feelings
The global mental health crisis warned by the WHO is now reality, but growing personal and political awareness are helping make mental wellbeing a priority. Learn the full scope of where we are and where we need to be.
Mental Wellbeing: The governments cultivating a “wellbeing economy”
Wellbeing has been mostly a grassroots movement, but it needs to be a top-down and bottom-up effort, says the Global Wellness Institute. The Wellbeing Economy Alliance is making sure it is — here’s how.
Mental Wellbeing: How we can improve the world’s mental status quo
Here’s a guide to be pro-active about shifting to mental wellbeing — for ourselves and each other.

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