Mindstream is a place to explore the human experience and to learn from life, ourselves and each other.

Stories matter. Tell yours. Help others.
Stories matter. Tell yours. Help others.
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If we are present and open to the experience of life, we get wiser with each passing day, week and year. We’re all students and we’re all teachers.

Share your first-hand experience, observations or questions through an essay. It could be about an everyday experience or a once-in-a-life hardship that led to an awakening. Or it could be about a person who touched your life. Or a mind-body-spirit healing therapy that helps you on the way to greater health and happiness.

Whatever moves you — share it. Take a look at the writer guidelines below, then Contact us.

Mindstream Writers’ Guides

– General spirit of essays: They are meant to explore the human experience in a real way and offer some practical learning or take-away. They are parables, either based on first-hand experience or observations and opinions drawn from research, trends and statistics. Take a look at previous stories to get the feel for our content.

– Word count: 750-1,500.

– Links: Please include links to other websites or news stories as appropriate. (External links boost the visibility of content in search engines.)

– Exclusivity: The work must be your original writing, and the first instance of publishing must be via Mindstream for at least 30 days.

– Author info: Please submit a photo of yourself and 1-2 sentences of a bio and links to your website and social media accounts. If you’d prefer to leave it anonymous, that’s fine; if you’d be willing to list your city and country, that would be great as it shows that our readership spans different places.

– Photos: Feel free to share any photos to accompany the story, but make sure you own the copyright or they are in the public domain (such as Pexels.com or other free stock photo services). We will find photos if none are supplied.

– Quality control: We wish to preserve the author’s voice and style, making edits only as necessary for form, flow, grammar, and punctuation. We reserve the right to final edits, and we’ll provide a final edit for the writer to review.

 Value exchange: We offer no compensation for editorial pieces at this time, but we will promote your work through MindstreamConnect’s distribution channels (website, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). We’ll tag you in the social media posts, unless you wish to remain anonymous.


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