“The State of the Mind-Body-Spirit Movement” report is coming

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mindstream state of the mind body spirit movement report

Mindstream is producing this first-of-its-kind report on the mind-body-spirit movement with support from the University of Aberdeen’s Institute of Applied Health Sciences. The report will:

~ define the mind-body-spirit movement

~ size the landscape

~ gauge acceptance of mind-body-spirit disciplines in the mainstream

~ track the beliefs and behaviours of consumers and professionals

~ provide actionable insights for the public, the professional workforce, and society at large

“This report is the first attempt ever to throw a lasso around the multi-faceted mind-body-spirit movement. We want to better understand beliefs and behaviours of consumers and the professional workforce, and gauge the collective impact of connecting mind, body and spirit. Our goal with this initial report is to put a stake in the ground to take a holistic view of this landscape for greater health and happiness. It’s a start toward defining, organising and understanding a massive societal shift and exponentially growing sector.”

Liza Horan, Founder & Editor, Mindstream Ventures Ltd.


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