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Position yourself with authenticity to have greater impact for clients and your business

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Who this course serves

Ambitious professionals who work in mind-body-spirit disciplines: complementary, alternative and natural health therapies; personal development and life coaching; and spiritual growth and healing practices.

This course is right for you if you:

  • Love what you do and want to have greater positive impact
  • Strive to distinguish your brand from competitors by positioning yourself uniquely
  • Wish to connect with your ideal clients who may not know about you yet
  • Need a clear strategy that makes the most of your resources (time, money, energy)
  • Are ready to take your business to the next level by actively participating in this course

And you may have experienced:

  • overwhelm with all the potential directions your business could take, wondering which is the right option at what point
  • confusion with all the marketing hype being promoted with webinars and how-to articles
  • frustration that the time you spend on social media and other promotions aren’t getting results


This seven-session course provides you with the know-how and tools to set your results-oriented business strategy in motion. Each session features a learning component with theory and best practices, exercises to accomplish key steps in crafting strategy and executing tactics, and discussion of your situation. Assignments between each session enable you to get real work done to establish your business identity, digital footprint, and audience outreach and engagement.

By the end of the course, you will have gained clarity on the running of your business, elevated your own confidence, and taken your business to the next level through:

  • a solid research-backed plan to grow your business
  • a clear definitive brand identity and story
  • a discipline to track your progress
  • a foundation to position yourself as a thought leader
  • a method to manage social media in 10 minutes a day

Course Information

Format: Seven weekly 75-minute live video conference calls plus homework assignment that may range in time from 15 minutes to one hour. There will be four participants plus the instructor.

One-on-one consultation: Each participant gets one hour of dedicated time with the instructor over the course of the seven classes. That hour may be divided into three 20-minute conversations.

Equipment: Participants must have a laptop or desktop computer to use during the class; a phone or tablet does not offer the same functionality or viewing experience.

Readiness: Participants must already be established as professionals (earning money for their products and/or services) and have a website and/or social media profile(s). Today’s mass medium is the Internet, and Google is the gatekeeper. This course is not right for someone who is not using digital means to connect with their target audience. This course teaches a holistic approach of online and offline methods.


  • a solid research-backed plan to grow your business
  • a clear definitive brand identity and story
  • a discipline to track your progress
  • a foundation to position yourself as a thought leader
  • a method to manage social media in 10 minutes a day

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What participants say…

Anissa Buckley
Anissa Buckley

Anissa Buckley
Founder of B Untethered science and soul coaching, and CMO of Sifter nutrition tech

“Liza came into my life via a business colleague as I was in the early stages of developing a digital strategy for a startup. Liza was the perfect fit, as she provided direction at a time when everything seemed upside down. Liza starts with vision and strategy and drives it down through a very thought-provoking, yet structured program that resulted in a tactical plan for digital execution. Liza asked the hard questions, then helped move the responses into a viable plan. I cannot say enough positive words about Liza as a coach, mentor, and overall expert in business. She is genius at seeing the direction of a business and then helping the founder step through the options and decisions needed to take it forward.”

Katie Adams

Katie Adams
Life & Wellbeing Coach at Katie Adams Coaching

“Liza, thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills, and insights in a simple and focused way. Your exercises and tips helped me expand my knowledge and get serious about specifics so I could move forward my business. Your person-, values- & heart-centric approach really resonated with me, and I really appreciated your evidence-based, no-nonsense style.”

About the instructor

Mindstream Founder & Editor Liza Horan

Liza’s professional background as a digital strategy and strategic communications consultant and coach contributed to her development of the Business Strategy Boot Camp curriculum. She has taught this course to business leaders since 2012 and now is focusing on the mind-body-spirit and professional development realms. For details on her experience, view her consulting website,, and her LinkedIn profile.

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