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Hi, I’m Liza, editor of Mindstream, and I am committed to helping accelerate mind-body-spirit solutions into the mainstream. I know how powerful these disciplines are for improved health and happiness. Please join me!

Welcome to MindstreamConnect.com! It’s still early days here, but we are committed to helping seekers, healers and the curious connect for authentic mind-body-spirit experiences.

We define “mind-body-spirit” as complementary, alternative and natural health practices, and spiritual growth and personal development disciplines that are considered holistic as they affect the whole human system (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) in ways that are recognised empirically, if not yet fully proven clinically.

Since science is making great headway with research — but still hasn’t caught up to finding evidence for ancient medicine and healing methods — we’ll be bringing the science and the history and first-hand accounts to light so you can understand options and explore them to find the right fit for your goals.

We’ve started by covering news in the holistic wellness sector — from aromatherapy, crystals and energy healing to intuitive communication, sound therapy and more — and publishing essays on insights, values and life lessons. Our podcast episodes highlight major trends, challenges and opportunities in mind-body-spirit, and also deep-dives into topics with experts. You can catch up on previous episodes by listening here or on your favourite audio platform or read the full transcripts with links. You’ll learn actionable tips and fascinating wisdom from the likes of Andrew Johnson on meditation, UK wellness leaders on the scene here, and Caroline Watt, Ph.D., who heads parapsychology research at the University of Edinburgh.

Whether you are simply curious about the metaphysics of day-to-day life or believe supernatural powers are natural powers, the information presented here hopes to inform, inspire and, perhaps, enlighten. The goal is to help us understand how mind-body-spirit solutions can lead to greater health and happiness — for all.

Please join me this journey! And let me know how I can help you connect mind, body and spirit by contacting me here or via social media.

Liza Horan
Editor & Founder, MindstreamConnect

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Wondering is a holy practice, full of magic, hope and faith

If we’re not curious, moved or inspired by experiences, are we truly living or just going through the motions? If we’re willing to let our thinking minds surrender to our senses occasionally to marvel, we may find riches.
28 February 2021

A sense of wonder lifts mind, body and spirit

Being willing to appreciate something without understanding or judging it, as if seeing it through fresh eyes, is the secret to mindfulness and wellbeing, says the Mindstream community. Here’s a collection of your reflections.
28 February 2021

Wellness Moonshot for February 2021: WONDER

Positive awe has been proven to boost our wellness. Here are the facts and real-life perspectives that show a sense of wonder can boost our wellness.
28 February 2021

My struggles have been lessons so I could answer my calling

For three decades I carried around a really big secret. My personal epiphany was a series of lessons where my truth slowly revealed itself to me. Today I am happier than ever, with an unshakeable self-belief that my struggles have been lessons so I could answer my calling.
31 January 2021

Wellness Moonshot: To BELIEVE in ourselves could be the toughest, most rewarding wellness practice

Your reflections prove that the beliefs of who we are and how we act on that are integral to our wellness. Perhaps most impactful is self-belief, which may be the toughest to shift. But there’s always hope and way forward, as these stories reveal.
31 January 2021

Wellness Moonshot for January 2021: BELIEVE

Is our wellness influenced by what we believe? The two are inextricably connected, according to research and your stories. Here’s a collection of reflections on the power of our beliefs on our mind-body-spirit wellness, part of the Wellness Moonshot for a world free of preventable disease.
31 January 2021
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“Really enjoyed the latest podcast. Andrew really put an interesting spin on it….I, as well, can relate to a visualization that is not the usual.”

Trudy Horan, Westport, Conn., USA

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