Date(s) - April 1, 2020 - December 31, 2025
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The Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience, Hope in Uncertain Times, is part of the #HopeGoesGlobal movement. This was offered free during the initial 2020 lockdown period and a few times a year, Chopra Center offers a free 21-day meditation program, and a library of programs is available for purchase.. The daily guided meditation programme with key messages and optional guided journalling. As we meditate each day together via the website or app, we’ll find peace of mind in the midst of turmoil, and help our global community find hope and optimism.

Interested in meditation?

Check out
Episode 2 of The Mindstream Podcast: Meditation with Andrew Johnson

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Wherever you may be on the meditation continuum, from newbie to veteran, Episode 2 of The Mindstream Podcast will provide actionable insight. We take a deep-dive into meditation with Andrew Johnson, a clinical hypnotherapist who has been practicing meditation for 25 years professionally and 40 years personally. He was a forerunner to Calm and Headspace, as his meditation app launched with the Apple iOS Store years ago. His MP3s and apps have been downloaded more than 11 million times, and he shares the what, how and why of this transformative practice that increases quality of life. Listeners will:

  • Glimpse the history of this ancient practice
  • Discover how Western medicine opened to meditation as therapy
  • Sample scientific evidence that proves the benefits to a range of conditions
  • Tap into your full scope of resources — and a bit of ridiculousness — for insight and direction
  • Understand how start or deepen your meditation practice by stripping it back to the foundation for meaningful results


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