The heart’s energy field extends about six feet beyond the physical body. PHOTO Nothing Ahead/Pexels

By Teresa Palmer, R.N.

The heart is much more than a pump. It is the life force , the energy that when called upon has the power to heal whether it be through self-healing, or healing in collaboration with others. Our heart is our superpower. I knew this from my professional work and my spiritual practice, but I’ve witnessed first-hand.

As a holistic cardiac nurse, my spiritual journey has evolved around interconnection and complementary healing modalities. As an initiate of Sri Dharma Mittra (the Rock of Yoga), I was taught that all beings are connected by a thin silver thread that pierces each heart and connects us to everything in the universe. The heart is the seat of the soul, the inner knowing, the “all” that is. It is the connection to a power greater than the individual; an energy that sustains life.

On the simplest level, the physical body of all beings is energy. The heart is the largest energy field, extending beyond the body by at least a few feet. Modalities such as prayer, Reiki, and Frequency Energy Medicine tap into this energy field for healing to occur. Since the heart sustains life through the action of pumping blood, the energy is carried to every organ, cell, muscle, and fiber throughout the bodyInstalled Plugins. Reiki is a Japanese technique that channels life force energy through the hands of the practitioner to promote healing, while Frequency Energy Medicine changes and manipulates the frequency of energy to disrupt the pattern of illness.

I’ve seen bedside prayers make the difference for a patient’s outcome. PHOTO Rodnae/Pexels

Over the years I have witnessed the healing energy of these modalities. As a nurse, I saw the effectiveness of these energetic modalities and often used them in the care of my patients. Three patients stand out. The first was a patient with heart failure who improved so dramatically with Frequency Energy Medicine that he didn’t need an anticipated heart transplant. Another case is a woman with uncontrolled high blood pressure who was able to reduce the need for multiple medications by receiving Reiki and by practicing meditation daily. Lastly was a man who suffered cardiac arrest. His family was told prepare for his death. They prayed at his bedside every single day. Three weeks later the man walked out of the hospital.

Witnessing these experiences affirmed my convictions that prayer and energy healing had a role to play.

While the hospital managed the internal bleeding, I mobilised group healing. PHOTO Isaac Hermar/Pexels

It wasn’t until recently that I would come to depend so heavily on these modalities myself. Someone close to me was seriously ill. It happened suddenly, without warning, and death was a real possibility. Blood work taken in the Emergency Room revealed the hemoglobin (the amount of oxygen in the blood cells) to be 3 mg/ml, compared to normal reading of 14mg/ml, to indicate internal bleeding. The race was on to find the source of bleeding and replace the blood as quickly as possible. This proved difficult because the physical body was shutting down. Even after the internal bleeding into the abdomen was found and stopped, it was still an extremely serious situation.

As a healthcare professional trained in traditional medicine, I do not dispute the necessity and success of traditional medical practice and technology. I do however, believe that modalities such as prayer, Frequency Energy Medicine, and Reiki are often overlooked, yet they can contribute immensely to the healing process. Traditional medicine was doing the best it could to sustain life but, to me, appeared to be “stuck” and on the way to losing the battle.

Reiki channels life force energy for healing. It is performed by certified practitioners. PHOTO Arina Krasnikova/Pexels

I organised a group healing. People from near and far, those that knew me and those who didn’t, were called upon to join in prayer. I contacted two of my mentors, a Frequency Energy Medicine practitioner and a Reiki Master, to remotely send healing energy to a failing physical body. I spent a lot of time in prayer and meditation sending healing thoughts and energy to the patient.

The results were astounding. Within 12 hours, improvement was noticeable. Vital signs stabilized and kidney function improved. Within several days lung function returned to normal and mechanical ventilation was no longer needed. Over the period of seven days, the body regained balance and homeostasis, and was able to return to normal functioning.

Energy healing is real and the effects of group healing energy are nothing short of a miracle. I had learned that, “The silver cord that tethers each heart to another harnesses the energy needed for healing to occur.” Now I know ~ because I’ve lived it.

teresa anne palmer author of heal your heart from withinFor more than two decades, Teresa Anne Palmer has been connecting individuals to their heart as an award-winning holistic cardiology nurse, certified as a Registered Nurse and a Nurse Practitioner, and an international bestselling author. Her book, “Heal Your Heart from Withinis available through, and Learn more at


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