By Liza Horan, Editor

In his victory speech, President-Elect Biden called for healing America.

But he went further, speaking of Angels, Heart, Soul, Love, Faith, God, Universe, Empathy, Compassion, Dignity, Concern, Support, Confidence, Respect, Trust, Purpose, Opportunity, Choice, Commitment, Prosperity, Breath, Hope, Hugging, and Health. He talked of being Humbled, Honored, Moral, Fair, United, and Together. Read his speech or watch on YouTube.

Language matters. It sets the tone and provides messages between the lines. It’s stark contrast to Trump’s victory speech in 2016, as CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza writes of Biden’s words of empathy in this opinion piece.

The American peoples’ choice of Biden over Trump is the triumph of hope over fear. Trump’s currency is fear, and the few supporters of his I do know made their case for him based on the risk of what would happen if the “liberals Dems” won. Apparently it’s rioting, looting, murder, and socialism.

On the other hand, those who voted for Biden were either supporting him for what he stands for or voting for “anyone but Trump.” Either way, it is a mandate for change.

In my opinion, Trump’s time in office, which he’d term his “reign,” set the U.S. back 100 years in race relations, decades in international relations, and many generations in environmental protections, as a small sample of his bias toward self-service. He personifies a complete rejection of American values. He is the most UnAmerican individual I’ve ever witnessed. And those of us who live abroad, as I do in Scotland, can observe our homeland through an outside lens. His theatrics might be entertaining if it were a farce, not reality.

So here on 9 November, some ballots are still being counted and others recounted. The population and the media have projected Biden as the 46th President of the United States. Only Trump has not accepted this reality, and the official body to codify the results has held back as Trump pursues legal action. This delay holds back $9 million from the Biden team for necessary transition plans.

Is this last-minute delay about Trump having the best interests of America at heart, or is it ego?

For sure, this election’s results are more meaningful than any other time in America’s 244 years. And it’s not just because it was the tightest contest ever and the highest voter participation since 1908. Those are symptoms that the body of 331 million people is conflicted. While less than half of them voted, this tug-of-war had nearly equal strength on both sides. “Nearly” won the contest by 4,417,835 votes.

Healing begins by neutralizing the invading force, minimizing its influence, reducing inflammation, and providing nourishment and support. Let’s breathe, rest and regain our strength. Together.


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