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New information on Covid-19 continues to emerge affecting response protocol.

By Liza Horan, Editor

Great caution is expected to be exercised as the UK looks to loosen lockdown restrictions gradually. The Times UK reported that the government’s scientific adviser says 100,000 deaths by the end of the year are possible if ministers relax the lockdown too fast. The situation is still touch-and-go as the world continues to learn about the coronavirus, its spread, and its impact. The WHO counts about 3.9 million cases and 273,000 deaths worldwide.

Deciphering Covid-10: Demonstrating that the nature of Covid-19 and its spread are a developing story, new studies correct what was previously known: The first case in China occurred sometime between October and December 2019, and there is only one type of the virus circulating. Reuters reports the latest published scientific research shows Oct. 6 as the earliest date a human might have caught the virus (not December as previously thought); a man in France caught the virus on Dec. 27, showing the virus made it to Continental Europe prior to 2020; and that only one type of coronavirus is spreading, not two as previously reported.

Cuomo took a bleach bath: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daughter-in-law told People magazine she took a bleach bath, Vitamin C drip and herbal medicines to get over her mild case of Covid-19. She followed recommendations of Laura Lancaster, PhD., whose energy medicine and homeopathic practice, Light Harmonics Institute, is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Djokovic advocated a mindful approach to eating and drinking on a recent Instagram Live, but he takes it too far, say tennis commentators.

Yes, intention affects water, but… No. 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic was called out for promoting pseudoscience about how people can purify toxic water and food through intention. This is a case of a scientific finding being extrapolated to unproven application. Yes, intention changes the molecular structure of water — positive thought creates harmonious shapes, as the study by Dean Radin and colleagues noted in the December 2008 issue of Journal of Scientific Exploration. However, positioning it as safe to ingest toxic substances is reckless, especially within the context of a pandemic. Djokovic is known for practicing holistic health, such as taking 100% oxygen treatments in a hyperbaric chamber to give him a competitive edge on court. But recently his credibility has been questioned, and even lambasted by scientists in his native Serbia, for his stance against vaccines and now his claim that one can change the toxicity of food and water. As Sports Illustrated‘s Jon Wertheim noted on the Tennis Channel, “He really needs to be careful, there are consequences to this. It’s a very short jump to these conspiracy theories which now, more than ever, are really dangerous.”

Doyle picked Treherne to carry out his vision.

Scottish medium carries out Doyle’s posthumous plan: Ann Treherne’s career in banking took a turn when she started having business-related premonitions. As they persisted, she decided to explore this new-found extraordinary intuitive ability. It led her to connect with the spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a medical doctor-turned author who is best known for writing the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Her just-released book, “Arthur and Me,” chronicles her journey to accept this mystical gift, connect with Doyle, and carry out his plans for a mind-body-spirit community centre — The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh. The Doyle Centre is among those offering free and donation-based online events during lockdown.

Opinions, please! Two surveys are under way: Scotland-based enthusiasts of mind-body-spirit disciplines are encouraged to complete this short online survey by the Doyle Centre on your interests and messaging around events. And Welltodo is asking wellness professionals to participate in an online survey about how Covid-19 has affected business.

Spirituality in quarantine: “The journey of prayer is from humility in agitation to humility in gratitude,” M. Craig Barnes writes in Christian Century of his experience in today’s pandemic in relation to those before it. Barnes, who is president of Princeton Theological Seminary, He looks to the stories of the saints to see how they dealt, and admits he is “still trying to figure out the spirituality of staying home. When a highly communicable virus is spreading among us, the most loving way to treat our neighbor is through physical distance.”

Holistic medicine through Medicare: Clever Care Health Plan has raised $23 million in its latest funding round toward enabling Medicare Advantage patients (generally aged 65 and above) access to holistic medical practitioners for prevention and treatment. They operate currently only in California.


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