This is part of Mindstream’s editorial package on Parapsychology Research, highlighting findings and discussion from the Parapsychological Association’s 2023 convention.

By Liza Horan

Parapsychologists want the public to know the psi experiences are common, natural and normal, and that they can find resources for support understanding and integrating these phenomena, and even contribute to research. As more people speak openly about their own personal experiences, the level of acceptance for these innate abilities and parapsychology — the science studying them — will rise.

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Psi experiences can present in a variety of forms, and they may cause a variety of emotions — from confusion, fear and shame, to clarity, calm and joy. Both the spiritual development and healing field and Transpersonal Psychology cover psi phenomena within their frameworks for transcendence, which is connecting with a spiritual or higher power.

The terms “spiritual crisis,” “spiritual emergency” and “spiritual emergence” are common terms. In fact, there are overlapping symptoms between spiritual emergence and psychosis. The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences provides directories of mental health providers, spiritual guidance advisors and life and spiritual coaches; all of these professions cover this nuanced area. And InterVoice is an international charity for people who experience voices and visions, whatever the reason.

There are numerous resources to learn about these phenomena and get support to integrate such experiences. The Spiritual Emergency Network operates in the U.S. and Canada, and the Spiritual Crisis Network is based in the U.K. The Perceptive Children Support Forum offers “information, validation, and networking opportunities for the perceptive child or teen, their families, and health professionals.” The Parapsychological Association offers a fuller list.

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If you experience psi phenomena and would like to share this with researchers, either online or in person, here are some sources looking for authentic input.

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