The Mindstream Podcast 500 listens’s podcast covering the mind-body-spirit movement has reached a meaningful milestone of 500 unique downloads. The podcast, hosted by Editor Liza Horan, debuted in January 2019 with Episode 1: Is mind-body-spirit wellness “woo-woo”? — seeking to define the vast and disparate sector, and address mainstream credibility. It remains the most downloaded episode.

“Thank you to listeners of The Mindstream Podcast for propelling us to the meaningful milestone of 500 unique downloads. It demonstrates real interest in the topics of complementary, alternative and natural health therapies, plus spiritual growth and personal development,” Horan says. “We are grateful to our generous guests for sharing their knowledge, insights and stories.”

Featured guests include Dr. Caroline Watt of the Koestler Institute for Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, clinical psychologist Andrew Johnson on meditation, Katy Lomas Olusanya of Calm on Canning Street yoga in Edinburgh, Angela Robertson of the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival, Adrian Boiteux of Holistic Ways Festival, Lynda Hamilton-Parker of Holistic Scotland Magazine, and Lauren Armes of Welltodo Global, among others.

Transcripts, complete with links to all the resources mentioned throughout the nearly five hours of programming are available on

The Mindstream Podcast is available through SpotifyAppleGoogle (US), LibsynCastboxYouTubeTuneInDigitalPodcast, and other podcast platforms.

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