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Mental Wellbeing in 2021

Mental Wellbeing’s time has come. The pandemic was the final push from the dark corners into the light of everyday conversation and political policy-making. Mindstream presents a three-part editorial package to cover this vital topic.

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Podcast with transcript (Ep. 4): On the scene with UK mind-body-spirit wellness leaders

Learn what’s happening in Edinburgh, across Scotland, and in the U.K. in wellness news and trends from those leading the charge. This in-depth episode uncovers hyper-local to global trends, and features interviews with mind-body-spirit leaders Katy Lomas Olusanya of Calm on Canning Street yoga in Edinburgh, Angela Robertson of the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival, Adrian Boiteux of Holistic Ways Festival, Lynda Hamilton-Parker of Holistic Scotland Magazine, and Lauren Armes of Welltodo Global. Guests also share their favourite practices for (trying to maintain) a holistic lifestyle.

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Podcast (Ep. 3, Part I of II): Valuing professional work that springs from natural gifts

In Episode 3 of The Mindstream Podcast, we’re discussing the money mindset of professionals who draw on their natural gifts as a vocation, like healers and creatives — those for whom the value of the goods and services they generate are initiated by tapping into their own natural or, some might say, supernatural abilities and expressing them for the benefit of others.

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