This feature is part of Mindstream’s participation in the Wellness Moonshot, an awareness campaign for a world free of preventable disease that’s led by The Global Wellness Institute. Here’s our collection of reflections for the March 2021 theme of PROSPER.

By Meera Shah

meera shah

Meera Shah says she craves time in nature every day. PHOTO courtesy Meera Shah

I’ve got five methods of helping myself prosper. Some of them are my own doing, like switching to an ‘attitude of gratitude,’ and others are external, like getting a daily dose of nature and surrounding myself with positive people. Warning: This story includes rats!

Gratitude. Whenever I am stressed, I start counting my blessings and two things happen: First my personal energy changes and the problem doesn’t seem that big; second, I start attracting positive people who genuinely want to help, and everything starts flowing with ease and grace, with very little effort. I become open to the energy of the universe.

One time I was really stressed about paying my personal tax bill. It had been a tough year and I was out of work. Instead of stressing about not having work, I asked the universe for help and decided to move into the frequency of gratitude. I started thinking of how much I had, how lucky I was (having a roof over my head, etc.), and honestly a miracle happened. When my accountant filled my tax return, he told me that HMRC owed me money as I had overpaid the previous year!

Laughter. I always love to laugh! It just changes the whole vibe into one of wellness. It makes everything seem simpler and less serious. I had a problem with rats in my building (eek!), and a friend started making terrible rat jokes. We just started laughing so much that it wasn’t eek anymore. The next day, a plumber came by and told me the rat problem luckily was so small in my flat and that he would just fix it for free.

Nature. Nature is so healing. I truly believe spending at least 30 minutes in nature every day, ideally walking, will realign and heal your body. Benefits start coming in 30 days. I know a friend who has been really depressed and I have watched her heal slowly just by being in nature. She started with 20 minutes a day, increasing it slowly to one hour a day. I spend at least an hour a day in nature — it just takes the edge of every-thing. When I don’t, my body and my mind crave it.

A good night’s sleep. The body restores itself when we sleep. If the mind has rested, you wake up recharged and rejuvenated. I try to make sure I read or listen to a good podcast or music before I sleep because the thoughts we take to bed really help us relax and impact the quality of our sleep. The times I don’t do this, or I go to bed worried and anxious, I can tell the difference when I wake up. I am not as recharged as when I go to bed in a relaxed happy state.

Surround yourself with positive people. The company we keep influences our thoughts. My recipe for wellness is to think positive, be less stressed and more rested. Back to my rat problem: I had spoken to another friend about it who proceeded to tell me how bad rats are, what damage they can do and how hard they are to get rid of. Pure stress! The friend who made me laugh had said to me, “I think you are overthinking this. Every problem has a solution, and its never that bad. It will fall into place as everything always does. Rats are a common problem in London.” Boy, did I need to hear that, and it helped me to keep my wits about me! My positive friend had a good impact on me.

Happy to say the rats are out of my life, and having this go-to list definitely helps me prosper.

Meera Shah is an empowerment coach at Unlimited Transformations in Harrow, England. 


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