It’s unanimous: You say that taking some time to yourself is essential. Being well just can’t happen without it. PHOTO Pexels/Louis

This feature is part of Mindstream’s participation in the Wellness Moonshot, an awareness campaign for a world free of preventable disease that’s led by The Global Wellness Institute. View our full package for the March 2021 theme of PROSPER, full of research and reflections.

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How can wellness help us PROSPER?


Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun ProjectYour body knows the way
Keeping a sleep-and-waking routine really helps me feel productive throughout my day. As a business owner, it’s important to take time away from my screen by taking daily walks to get out in nature and organise my thoughts. I’m a strong believer in listening to your body: Some days it will need extra rest, other days more exercise and healthier food. It’s all about finding that balance.
-Beth of Ivy&Bee Interiors in Cheshire, England

Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun Project30 magical minutes
Getting up just half an hour earlier has revolutionised my day! I do a 10-minute morning yoga flow and repeat my positive affirmations. It makes me feel totally in control of my day. Plus it gives me half an hour of complete peace and silence before the kids are awake.
-Andrea of It Won’t Cost the Earth eco marketplace in Oxfordshire, England

Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun ProjectExpress yourself
I write my ‘morning pages‘ every day by hand: three pages of handwritten thoughts, whatever comes up. It helps me check in with myself and get the creative juices flowing. Now (that) I’m an author (at age 60!), I am loving writing (on a laptop), but this simple habit has changed my life — it’s like breathing to me. Without doing it, I feel I unravel a bit and things just don’t go so smoothly at all.
-Helen Garlick, author of “No Place to Lie,” in London

Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun ProjectMe first (in a good way)
As a woman and mother, I was so guilty of prioritising everyone and everything before my own needs. By making my health a priority — such as scheduling workouts or time out for relaxation/meditation — in the same way I would a business appointment, I am now so much calmer, happier, able to be present. And I’m loads healthier! I was so inspired by my own journey with this I wrote my first book, “Put Yourself First: A busy woman’s guide to thriving NOT surviving,” which is like having your own health coach on hand. I also put the focus on working with my menstrual cycle, not against it, which makes a huge difference to my physical and mental wellbeing.
-Marianne Killick Wisbech, author and women’s health coach, in Cambs, UK

Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun ProjectPerspective is everything
I’ve got five methods of  helping myself prosper. Some of them are my own doing, like switching to an ‘attitude of gratitude,’ and others are external, like getting a daily dose of nature and surrounding myself with positive people. The fact that a rat infestation got me laughing is proof… Continue reading
-Meera Shah, empowerment coach at Unlimited Transformations, in Harrow, England 

Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun ProjectKnow thyself
I’ve learned that in order to create an environment for me to prosper, I need to have certain things in place. Just like preparing a car for a long road trip by filling the tank and tires, my checklist includes taking my vitamins, exercising, eating clean, and getting some alone time, among other items. If I miss one, it’s a slippery slope. Figuring this out doesn’t mean I’m perfect, but I’ve got reliable signs along the road. For me, it’s answered the question: Is prosperity earned or granted? Continue reading
-Liza Horan, editor of Mindstream, in Edinburgh

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Wellness Moonshot for 2021 by the Global Wellness Institute

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