As efforts to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, many governments have enforced lockdown measures. Holistic wellness practitioners have responded by offering their services online. Both free and paid classes, workshops, conversations, healings, and readings are available in many countries.

Free online events are listed on as a free service to practitioners, who may submit events here. Soon we’ll be including paid events.

Some of the featured events are one-time occurrences, like the Ascension Time Meditation happening this weekend that aims to attract 1 million people for a 20-minute global meditation during a key astrological event. Other events are happening regularly, like the one-hour Tantric Yoga session by Alchemy of Living at 9 a.m. (UK) every Monday through Friday, and Peaceful Panda’s Virtual Children’s Mindfulness Workshops for kids at 12 p.m. (UK) on Mondays. MindBodySpirit Events is hosting 10 Days of Wellbeing, offerings diverse online sessions from self-love and poetry to Reiki and meditation.

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