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RENEW is the theme for The Wellness Moonshot in September 2020. What does it mean to you? How can we positive act on it?
Thank you to our readers for sharing these reflections. You can read editor Liza Horan’s thoughts on RENEW here. Feel free to add yours by commenting at bottom.


“I used to believe that the act of renewal was tied to an event, like a trip that took you out of your comfort zone or a milestone birthday. I recognize now that those are not acts of renewal, they are impetus towards a change in perspective. Now I recognize that renewal is a daily act, it’s the intention I set with myself every morning. And every time I say my daily prayer that ends with, Om Namah Shivaya, which is a mantra that calls for healing of body and spirit through rebirth and renewal.” – Kiran in New York, USA

Renewal offers promise and hope. Whether in thought or action, as one goes about our daily lives it is too easy to fall into a negative or lazy habit. Each day we can try to reinforce our thoughts with positivity and reach out to others to inspire hope.” – Gertrude in Connecticut, USA


“Like your skin renews every so often, renewing your intentions, emotions, and aspirations helps one’s overall wellness. Sometimes renew means reset or reboot, sometimes renew means reinventing the story you tell about yourself. Your body and soul listen to the stories you tell about yourself, so it’s important to renew your story from time to time to maintain your overall wellness.”
Wendy in Edinburgh, Scotland

“Renewal by definition can mean to replace something that is worn out, worn down or broken. To me, renewal is about looking at what is broken and why, seeing the lessons from the past, and learning how to move forward to a place of growth, light, abundance, and joy. Renewal takes that brokenness and heals it, both within myself as an individual, but also as one part of humanity.  Renewal – a healed and healthy state of being.” – Deborah in Maine, USA

“Renew: As I ponder this word, I think of the opportunity each new day gives us to renew, appreciate and love our lives, to feel the sun, a cool breeze, see the stars, share smiles and laughter, let your imagination soar.” – Cynthia, California, USA

“In the simplest terms, to renew means to me to ‘make new again,’ but it’s much more. It’s a moment of discovering something already known with the wonder of experiencing it for the first time. It’s stripping away the extraneous to get at a core truth so intrinsic to one’s self that the emotion energizes forward movement. It’s the gift of free will that enables us to shift a mindset, switch our energy and make a new start; it’s about knowing we have the power for change, which feeds hope.” – Liza Horan, Editor of Mindstream

Read editor Liza Horan’s essay, RENEW: The ability to ground ourselves in truth anytime is our greatest gift



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