This feature is part of Mindstream’s participation in the Wellness Moonshot, an awareness campaign for a world free of preventable disease that’s led by The Global Wellness Institute. Here’s our collection of reflections for the January 2021 theme of BELIEVE.

Is our wellness influenced by what we believe?

“Our beliefs shape our realities,” writes says Global Wellness Institute advisory board member Renee Moorefield, who is CEO of WisdomWorks Group. “What we believe can impact our illness and wellness, our longevity, our sense of self-efficacy to influence change, the satisfaction and trust in our romantic partnershipshow we lead, and every other aspect of life and work.” She’s curated tips to encourage positive beliefs in our own wellness and leadership actions to promote wellness around us, such as discovering unconscious beliefs, brainstorming and mindfulness rituals. It’s important to realise that our personal beliefs influence ourselves and have the opportunity to influence others.

To believe is to

  • accept something as true, genuine, or real
  • hold a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something
  • lean into an ambition that seems impossible


self belief for wellness To believe in ourselves can be the toughest, and most rewarding, wellness practice
By Mindstream readers
Your reflections prove that the beliefs of who we are and how we act on that are integral to our wellness. Perhaps most impactful is self-belief, which may be the toughest to shift. But there’s always hope and way forward, as these stories reveal. Continue reading
My struggles have been lessons so I could answer my calling
By Kathi Tait
For three decades I carried around a really big secret. My personal epiphany was a series of lessons where my truth slowly revealed itself. Today I’m happier than ever, with an unshakeable self-belief that my struggles have been lessons so I could answer my calling. Continue reading
optimism statue of liberty Beliefs are like software, and it’s healthy to “check for updates”
By Liza Horan
If the mind, body and spirit form the human operating system, the beliefs each of us hold are the programme we’re running. If we don’t “check for updates,” we risk poor performance or a full crash. When I moved from NYC to London, I got a new and healthier perspective on my belief that  “anything is possible.” Continue reading


Wellness Moonshot for 2021 by the Global Wellness Institute

Image courtesy Global Wellness Institute.

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