Episode 7 of The Mindstream Podcast features an interview with Kindred Spirit editor Claire Gillman, and considers how mind-body-spirit disciplines support a collective shift toward conscious living.

By Liza Horan

This year has been both uniting and dividing. It’s connected and disconnected us. How will we emerge, and what does this mean for the mind-body-spirit movement?

We’ve got choices before us, collectively and personally, on how we want to conduct our lives. And never before have the holistic disciplines within mind-body-spirit been so accessible to help us.

Claire Gillman

Episode 7 features an interview with Claire Gillman, whose publishing career has covered health, wellness, and conscious living.

Kindred Spirit magazine’s December issue is available in print and online.

“It’s an exciting age,” says Claire Gillman, the editor of Kindred Spirit magazine and author of “The Healing Therapies Bible, among others. She shares insights on how the concept of health and fitness has expanded beyond our physicality and into the exploration of consciousness over the course of her 30-year career in publishing. She goes on to discuss the power of personal storytelling to help others, and how that genre of publishing is booming.

This episode also includes a ‘good news’ segment, that reveals the latest research to boost mood, increase resilience, and decrease chronic pain and stress. A report from the Wired Health:Tech conference focuses on the emphasis of humanity being interwoven with advances in health technology.

Mindstream is collecting your stories of transformation from 2020. What will you think and do differently in the future based on this year’s experience? Please share your story.

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Published 24 November 2020 | Transcript coming soon


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