This feature is part of Mindstream’s participation in the Wellness Moonshot, an awareness campaign for a world free of preventable disease that’s led by the Global Wellness Institute. Each month features a theme, and January 2021 is BELIEVE.

self belief for wellness self esteem feeling goodHow do our beliefs affect our wellness?

We asked and you answered. A clear message that came through was that our beliefs are tied into who we are and how we act on that is integral to our wellness. Perhaps most impactful are the beliefs we hold about our own self; and they may be the toughest to shift. But there’s always hope and way forward, as shared here.


Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun ProjectMy journey has proven the importance of beliefs to wellness. For three decades I carried around a really big secret that I was terrified of — that people would learn I wasn’t normal, I was a freak. From age 9 my hair started falling out, and for many years my parents took me to doctor after doctor, specialists, and alternative therapists, and I was, basically, experimented on. This led to a very warped self-belief, cemented by peers bullying and ostracizing me. I shut myself down emotionally to avoid further hurt … now I have an unshakeable self-belief that my struggles have been lessons so I could answer my calling. Continue reading.
– Kathy Tait, BaldAndBlonde Podcast & Coach, Brisbane, Australia

Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun Project

Believe. It feels magical, full of opportunity and hope. As a mindset coach, I am on a mission to help women’s visions become bigger than their fears and that starts with self-belief. For most of my clients, this ability to believe they are worthy of the success they truly desire is the biggest barrier. When you step into a space of believing in yourself, a new perspective is uncovered. It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses when you’ve had blurred vision. reconsidering beliefs can make things clearerEverything feels sharper, your goals feel real, your plans become action steps — your dreams become reality. Self-belief requires practice, strength and awareness. It requires work, dedication and clarity. When you step into a space of believing in yourself and others, that is when the world changes and you begin to see everything in a new light. Beliefs + Actions = Results.
Laura Caunter, The Female Success Coach, Devon, England

Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun ProjectFirst we create in the invisible, then it becomes visible matter. So anything you want to see, you have to believe first. ?
– Nicola Fernandes, Self Love Coach & Shaman, New York City

Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun ProjectIllness and dis-ease manifests as a result of life’s challenges and stresses, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Often the physical symptoms come along after the emotional experience has triggered something within and, often, societal norms encourage us to suppress things and ‘just get on with life.’ If we approach life’s highs and lows with a reflective attitude, a desire to understand why it’s happening and what lesson it’s teaching, and put in the work to recover and move forward with acceptance and positivity, it will help our mental health and wellbeing, and boost immunity, too.
– Jo Permaul, Homeopath & Holistic Life Coach, London

Quotation Marks by Wolf Böse from the Noun Project

If the mind, body and spirit form the human operating system, the beliefs each of us hold are the programme we’re running. That programme running your system influences your experience and capabilities. And from time to time, we need to “check for updates,” or even uninstall an old programme to upgrade to a one. If we don’t, we risk poor performance or a full crash. In human terms: ill health and burnout. That’s how powerful our beliefs can be toward wellness, I believe. I’ve reevaluated how I live a core belief — “Anything is possible!“– to realise that in excess, this positive mindset of opportunity can impose burden. I’ve recast how I act on this belief to improve my mind-body-spirit wellness…Continue reading.
– Liza Horan, Editor,

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Wellness Moonshot for 2021 by the Global Wellness Institute

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