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NewsWrap: Friendship improves health, mobile phones harmful, Barbie goes mindful

Valentine’s Day is no longer just for romantic partners, but those for whom you hold affection. Today has been dubbed Palentine’s, Galentine’s and Malentine’s to celebrate friends. (Even more names have been assigned by the cheeky London Underground crew at @AllOnTheBoard!) And friendship deserves to be celebrated because the latest research shows that it promotes health and wellbeing.

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Podcast with transcript (Ep. 4): On the scene with UK mind-body-spirit wellness leaders

Learn what’s happening in Edinburgh, across Scotland, and in the U.K. in wellness news and trends from those leading the charge. This in-depth episode uncovers hyper-local to global trends, and features interviews with mind-body-spirit leaders Katy Lomas Olusanya of Calm on Canning Street yoga in Edinburgh, Angela Robertson of the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival, Adrian Boiteux of Holistic Ways Festival, Lynda Hamilton-Parker of Holistic Scotland Magazine, and Lauren Armes of Welltodo Global. Guests also share their favourite practices for (trying to maintain) a holistic lifestyle.

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Wellbeing has a firm foothold in the West End

Edinburgh’s West End was abuzz last weekend as people noshed on whole foods at Roots, meditated on the emotional walls in their lives at Calm on Canning, sorted out their spines with White Tree Chiro, flipped through tomes on mindset at The Next Chapter, marveled at the energy of crystals at The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, and sampled the benefits of aromatherapy, yoga, and pilates at various locations.
While “Well Being in the West End” was conceived as an interactive showcase of the neighbourhood’s wares and services to support holistic health, it proved much more: A community of like-minded people.

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