Mind-body-spirit disciplines on growth track as people seek to improve quality of life

Society is continuing to shift attitudes and behaviours toward holistic wellbeing, and just-released evidence shows it’s both a bottom-up and top-down movement. Concepts and practices previously juxtaposed as incongruous – such as Eastern and Western medical practices, the interplay between mind and matter, science versus spirituality, or modern technology and ancient wisdom – are increasingly being embraced by the public and the health establishment as compatible approaches to wellness.

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Podcast (Ep. 1): Is mind-body-spirit wellness “woo-woo”?

In Episode 1 we’re starting the conversation on mind-body-spirit by seeking to define what it means and what’s happening in the world today. We’re going to look at trends in health and wellness and we’re going to list the disciplines that we think fall into mind-body-spirit. We’re going to look at some original research by And focus on the credibility issue.

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Welcome to MindstreamConnect, a site dedicated to exploring mind-body-spirit solutions in the pursuit of greater health and happiness. We’re just getting started in January 2019 with a blog covering what’s happening in this exciting area of wellness. The irony is that while the convergence of mind, body and spirit feels like new territory in health today, it draws on ancient disciplines. Science is gaining evidence to explaining the seemingly unexplainable.

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