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Make America WELL Again

The 2020 U.S. presidential election revealed serious symptoms in the body of 331 million people that are America. If the country were a patient, the diagnosis would be auto-immune disease.

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Words signal intention, and Biden’s are loaded

Never would I imagine that a politician would speak publicly of Angels, Heart, Soul, Love, Faith, God, Universe, Empathy, Breath, Hope, and Hugging. But that’s what President-Elect Joe Biden did in his victory speech. His recognises his first job as healing the rifts that divide America.

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The Wellness Moonshot on MindstreamConnect.com. Image courtesy Global Wellness Institute
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RENEW: The ability to ground ourselves in truth anytime is our greatest gift

To renew is more than starting anew. It’s a moment of discovering something already known with the wonder of experiencing it for the first time. It’s stripping away the extraneous to get at a core truth so intrinsic to one’s self that the emotion energizes forward movement. It’s the gift of free will that enables us to shift a mindset, switch our energy and make a new start; it’s about knowing we have the power for change, which feeds hope.

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